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Store Brand Infant Formula – A Great Way To Save Money for Baby

Store Brand Infant Formula - A Great Way To Save Money for Baby

We are so excited to announce a new partnership with Perrigo Nutritionals, a leading global healthcare supplier and manufacturer of infant formula and nutritional products. Perrigo Nutritionals is the largest supplier of Store Brand Infant Formula and nutrition products in the world.  With its Vermont-based facility, Perrigo is one of only four companies recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for meeting the strict FDA requirements for safety, nutrition and quality for infant formula-manufacturing in the United States.   We have some informative articles coming soon that are going to be very beneficial if you are expecting a baby or know someone who is.

My Hospital Moment - The First Time I Fed Peyton in Guatemala

Ten years ago when Peyton came home from Guatemala, he was fed a well-known, nationally advertised “name brand” infant formula.  My former students called this photo my “hospital moment” and I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing more precious than the first moment you hold your baby and feed him. Peyton was 3 months old and we were at the Marriott in Guatemala City but this is my hospital moment.

When we went to his first doctor appointment, we were handed a different “name brand” canister of infant formula.  We asked our pediatrician if one formula brand was better than the other, and he explained to us that no, all formula brands meet the same FDA standards.  Choosing an infant formula is a personal preference. All infant formulas sold in the United States provide complete nutrition for a baby’s first year.

Store Brand Infant Formula - A Great Way To Save Money for Baby

We decided to do some of our own infant formula price and ingredient comparison.

Comparing Infant Formula

My husband went to the store to purchase the new formula instead of sticking to the brand we were using.   He inspected the labels and found the Store Brand Formula had the exact same ingredient list as the advertised brand we received from our pediatrician.  As you know, we are huge Sam’s Club shoppers.  My husband called me from Sam’s and said, “The Sam’s Club Member’s Mark Store Brand Formula has the same exact ingredients and costs $10 per container less than the name brand. Plus, the store brand is 14 oz. larger in size!” I will never forget that day.  I thought, well he is used to the brand he has been using BUT with the savings of $10 per container, plus in a larger size, that really adds up!  So we made the switch to the store brand and never looked back.   It was a huge way for us to save on baby expenses.  My husband figured out that decision saved us hundreds of dollars.

Perrigo recently conducted a new nationwide survey of more than 250 pediatricians and found that almost all pediatricians (97%) say feeding is one of the top three categories new moms and dads ask about.  As a new mom, it is often easy to become concerned, especially when considering infant feeding options.  Combine that with sleep deprivation and a crying baby, and you can easily become freaked out and stressed out.

Feeding Peyton his first bottle in Guatmala

What Concerns a New Mom?

Infant Feeding

  • Almost all pediatricians (97%) say feeding is one of the top three categories new moms ask about.
  • More than half of pediatricians (52%) say that feeding is the number one category new moms and dads ask about.
    • 43 percent of pediatricians say pooping is the second most asked about topic.
    • 41 percent of pediatricians say sleeping is the third most asked about topic.
  • The majority of pediatricians (64%) say the most common feeding question is: “How do I know if my baby is getting enough food.”
  • Two thirds (66%) of pediatricians say one of the top three feeding questions they answer is: “What formula do you recommend?”
  • More than two thirds (69%) of pediatricians say one of the top three question new moms ask is: “Is supplementing breast milk with formula ok?”
  • What about dads? Almost half (47%) of pediatricians say new dads are just as or even more inquisitive than moms!

What Pediatricians Have to Say

Infant Formula & Nutritional Equality

  • An overwhelming majority of pediatricians (71%) say all infant formulas, including Store Brand Formulas, are basically the same and brands don’t matter.
  • Almost two thirds (60%) of pediatricians say they are not recommending a specific formula when they give their patients samples.  The majority (68%) give free formula samples because they believe their patients value them.
  • More than a quarter of pediatricians (26%) don’t have a reason for recommending a specific formula brand.

High Quality Nutrition and Savings with Store Brand Formula

Win Free Formula and Download Formula Coupons

Many parents are not aware that they can save up to 50% on infant formula by choosing a store brand over a national brand.  We had no idea until we took the time to research it ourselves.  Best of all, Store Brand Formula is nutritionally comparable to the national brands, yet typically cost up to half the price and can save you approximately $600 a year. That is a huge savings and you are still providing high quality infant formula for a fraction of the price.  Be sure to shop and compare if you are expecting a baby or know someone who is.  The Store Brand Formula website also offers free formula sweepstakes and downloadable baby formula coupons redeemable at participating retailers across the country:

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Perrigo; however all opinions are 100% our own.


  1. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    I don’t think we have any store brand formula’s here in Ireland, they are all by big name companies. I formula fed my son and it was so hard trying to find the right formula for him. We began on hungry baby and ended up on a formula to stop his reflux.

  2. says

    I am such a big advocate for breastfeeding as I feel it is most nutritional but I understand that is not always an option for some moms. This seems like such a great company wanting to provide the most nutrition to moms for their babies!

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      As an adoptive Mom it was not an option and I am so thankful that the Store Brand Infant Formula was there for my son. He is a happy, healthy, athletic boy who has rarely ever been sick. Never a single ear infection or strep throat in his life. :-)

  3. Monica B says

    My husband and I made the decision to use Sams Club formula with our daughter, who was born 10 weeks early. We did all the research and made the switch when my daughter was just a few months old. It was so much cheaper per oz!! She is a happy and healthy almost 3 year old now!

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