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Capri’s Coupons – Whole Coupon Inserts Giveaway – CLOSED

Capri's Coupons

This giveaway is CLOSED

The winner is: gena

We are excited to share with you Capri’s Coupons –  They offer inserts from as many as 9 different regions each week. This allows shoppers to select a wider variety of inserts to meet their needs and combine shipping from one location to save even more.  We LOVE that!  The site also has one of the lowest price per insert compared to other whole insert websites.

Capri's Coupons

To celebrate our partnership Capri is hosting a giveaway for Stockpiling Moms readers!  One lucky reader is going to win 10 of each the 3/29 and 4/12 inserts!  That is a total of 70 inserts!!!!!!!!!!  Can you say STOCKPILE TIME!

We personally are using Capri’s Coupons and love the variety of her regions and the speed of her shipping.  By purchasing whole inserts you can save money and cancel your newspaper subscriptions!  She has been in business for 5 years.  Some of the regions they receive are – NJ, CA, TX, IL, KS, GA, FL & OH.

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  1. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says

    I want to win this giveaway because we’re on a budget and need to save! Meat is so expensive and I have to drive 44 miles to work 5 days a week and not to mention the other household utilities!

  2. Carol Burgess says

    I want to win because I’m a single mom and I have to budget everything. If I don’t have coupons for it, I don’t buy it. I never pay retail unless I don’t have a choice. This is awesome! Thank you for the chance!

  3. Michelle says

    I live for inserts! My family knows never to do anything with the paper until Mom’s inserts have been taken out. :-)

  4. Shauna Price says

    I would love to win, because I love coupons, and it’s so expensive to get the paper with them in it

  5. Christine says

    I would love to win coupons! Being a stay at home mom and also babysitting my sister’s 4 kids I could really use the coupons. Thanks and good luck everyone!

  6. Sondra says

    I enjoy clipping coupons. It’s a game to see how much I can save by using coupons. My husband thinks it’s a waste of time but I get the satisfaction of coming home and sharing with him the savings from grocery shopping :)

  7. says

    I could use them because we are low on funds and groceries . We have had a lot of health problems/deaths in the past few months. Trying to make ends meet is a struggle right now.

  8. Melissa Henry says

    I coupon as much as I can but always need help. I am a sahm mom and saving is basically my job for my house. These inserts would be awesome. Plus it is so exciting to go through and see the coupons to cut out. I oddly enjoy it.

  9. Irene McPhee says

    I always use coupons but being on a fixed income sometimes it;s hard to buy newspapers on a weekly basis .They really help to stretch the dollars .

  10. Donna Cullins says

    I would love to be able to win this. We are a household of 5 disabled adults and every little bit helps.

  11. Chelsea says

    I would LOVE to win this because I am supporting 6 family members plus myself. I have taught myself how to coupon and I like the rush you get at the register. I am trying to build a stock pile as well. It is very hard though. Coupons cost a lot of money and so do the groceries.

  12. Rebecca Orr says

    I would love to win these coupons so I can save money and groceries and other household necessities. I would take these over to my grandma’s house (she lives next door!) and share with her and my cousin (who also lives next door!). Thanks for the chance.