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Get 3 Necklaces and 3 Charms for $12.95 shipped!

Get 3 Custom Necklaces for only $12.95 shipped!

We have an awesome deal for you! Just in time for Mother’s Day! This would also make awesome birthday presents or stocking stuffers! My personal favorite is the snake chain with charm and best of all you can layer these which is super trendy! Just got to and add any 3 Chains sand 3 Charms and use the code SPMOMS at Checkout!

This is a fun FREE offer – all you pay is shipping. So for only $12.95 you will get (3) necklaces and (3) charms of your choice! Just note that the coupon value is $45 so if you choose a product listed more than $7.50 then you will just pay the difference.

You can choose 3 chains and 3 charms for free, and simply pay shipping. The coupon code – SPMOMS is valued at $45. So you can get 6 items X $7.50 = $45 for FREE and all you pay is the shipping!

Also, as a stacker bonus, after the first 6 pieces are added to the cart, additional items will be available at 60% OFF, and that discount calculates automatically!

LOVING this deal! Just visit and use the code SPMOMS at checkout to save!

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