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Digital Coupons

digital coupons

Digital Coupons are a great way to save money at the store.  Some stores accept digital coupons or eCoupons that you load to your shoppers loyalty card.  These coupons typically do not double, if your store doubles coupons.  Sometimes these coupons do stack though it depends on the store coupon policy.  Digital coupons can be a great way to take your savings to the next level!  Always check with you store coupon policy to see if they accept digital coupons and if they stack.  Some digital coupons are loaded through apps.  Regardless of how you load the digital coupon it will help you save money at the store.

Digital Coupons:

Ibotta::  Put cash in your pocket with every shopping trip. Download the free app from

Cellfire: Users can add coupons right to the stores grocery savings card. Stores Cellfire currently works with: Baker’s City Market Dillons Fry’s Gerbes Hilander JayC King Soopers Kroger Owen’s Pay Less QFC Ralphs Scott’s Smith’s Carrs Dominick’s Genuardi’s Pavilions Randall’s Safeway Tom Thumb Vons ShopRite.

Jingit is an app that you can save with.  Sign up for it at
P& – Or go to or text “COUPONS” to 827438 and you will receive a monthly message with exclusive deals. The cashier scans the bar code right on the phone.

You can print more COUPONS and visit our FREE Coupon Database.

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