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I have my essential oils now what?

essential oils

I have my essential oils now what? DO NOT PUT THEM IN YOUR CLOSET! They won’t do you any good there and they won’t benefit you and your family! I suggest you get a container for them. I started simply with a Rubbermaid container and then moved to a glad ware container. Nothing fancy is necessary. Just place them all in one container and then keep them handy. I love having a lid on mine.

You will NOT see the benefit from your essential oils if you do not use them. You can’t use 1 drop of Slim and Sassy and then skip for 3 days and think that you are going to be able to help your metabolism. You can’t use the allergy remedy for 2 days and think that you will no longer have allergies.

What you can do is CREATE a daily oil regimen and follow it. If you use your essential oils daily you will see the benefits. In fact I have been using mine for 3 months and I continue to see more benefit daily.

Step Two: What are your health concerns? Write them down. Now go to and find the health concerns that you have and start the suggested protocols. NO you don’t have to follow them all. If it lists 7 oils that help with anxiety start with one. Use the one that is in your kit first and then if that doesn’t work for you consider ordering additional oils that are on that list.

Step Three: Visit for posts on the uses and benefits of essential oils. Follow our Essential Oils Pinterst board for inspiration.

Step Four: Consider ordering tools to help you get more benefit from the oils. You can order bottles, droppers, diffusers and much more at