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Our Adoption Story

our adoption story

I want to share with you our adoption story.  It is a small insight into my families life and the true reason of why I stockpile.  This is the SHORT version :-) In May 2004 after year's of struggling with infertility my husband and I decided to pursue International adoption.  After attending several seminar's and doing research on the Internet we decided to adopt from Guatemala.  After … [Read more...]


Simply Love Guatemala | Exclusive Special

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As most of you know Shelley and I are mother's to our precious boys who were born in Guatemala.  We actually met each other through Guatemalan Adoption.  My wonderful social worker actually led us to find each other.  Not only to do I owe her for her hand in our adoption process but I also owe her for introducing me to Shelley :-) We are thrilled to introduce to you SimplyLoveGuatemala.  It is … [Read more...]