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Loaded Chicken and Potatoes Casserole
Breakfast Casserole

Pizza Hut Wings “we winged this one” Review

Winging it!

Do you ever wonder "Who has the best wings?"  Maybe you are just looking for a new wing to try!  If you have not had Pizza Hut Wings you are missing out! Some of you may know but this past winter was hard on my family!  In January, we had a pipe burst and the first floor of our home was severely damaged.  We have been waiting for perfect timing to have everything fixed because of the dust … [Read more...]


Crayola Marker Airbrush Review

crayola marker airbrush

Peyton got this Crayola Marker Airbrush for Christmas.  I snagged it on Black Friday at Michael's for only  $19.99.  Today we opened the Crayola Marker Airbrush and he really liked it.  You can use it both on paper and fabric!  Both types of markers are included and paper is included too.  I picked up a small pack of t-shirts at Walmart for a couple of bucks and he was set. I got the Crayola … [Read more...]


Eco-Planet 7 Whole Grains Hot Cereal Gluten Free Review

ORIGINAL Panels outline

I was asked to review  the Maple & Brown Sugar variety of Eco-Planet's 7 Whole Grains Hot Cereal, but I figured I'd ask my 8-year-old son to help me with this review. Prior to going gluten-free at our house, my son really loved instant oatmeal for breakfast, so he was excited to help me taste-test this gluten-free version! Eco-Planet's Hot Cereal is gluten-free and dairy-free, organic, free … [Read more...]


Eat Your Vegetables Chips Gluten Free Review


Snikiddy Foods has introduced a fun way to eat a serving of chips! This review is of the Eat Your Vegetables...One Chip at a Time in Sea Salt flavor. As a mom of  finicky eater, I feel like I am always begging my son to try a new food, but vegetables are one food item that he always refuses to even try. Imagine my surprise when I simply sent some of these chips in his lunch to … [Read more...]


ZingBars Gluten Free Review


Zing Bars are 100% natural and have no gluten, corn, or soy ingredients in them. They come in 6 different flavors and were created by nutritionists. Zing Bars are sold at a variety of stores, including Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Vons; plus, you can purchase them directly through their website. I tested the Cashew Cranberry Orange flavored Zing Bar. Although not all their bars are dairy-free, … [Read more...]


Simple Squares Gluten Free Review


Simple Squares are billed as being "Savory-Sweet, Whole Food Snack Bars Infused with Vanilla and Herbs." They are free from wheat, gluten, sugar, dairy, and soy.  Simple Squares contain only organic ingredients, no refined sugars, and are never fried or baked. Basically, they are a nut snackbar, similar to other ones on the market. I tasted the Cinnamon Clove variety, but they also have the … [Read more...]


CVS Baked Rice Crisps :: Gluten Free Review


This week I taste-tested CVS-brand Baked Rice Crisps in the Sea Salt variety. These snacks retail for about $2.49, regular price. The label says that they are gluten-free, but may contain traces of milk and/or soy. The Rice Crisps have a very light salt flavor and a good crunch. They reminded me of those little orange crackers in Asian snack mixes, but are not spicy. The crackers are made into … [Read more...]


ClothingShopOnline Review


  When I was asked to take a look at I had never heard of it before.  I was very surprised when I took a look!  We  found some of the brands we wear for a fraction of the cost!  I ordered a green hoodie sweatshirt, 3 women's t-shirts, and 3 men's t shirts.  The men's t-shirts are all dry fit Champion.  The total was under $95.00.  The dry fit t-shirts alone cost over … [Read more...]