Graduation Party Favor

Author Melissa@StockpilingMoms


  • Penny: So you always have enough "cents" to realize you are a valuable person
  • Mounds Candy Bar: For the "mounds" of information you will be learning
  • Lifesavers: For when you feel your are drowning in information
  • Sponge: To soak up all the knowledge
  • Battery: To help you keep going and going and going
  • Candle: For when you are burning the midnight oil studying
  • Eraser: To remind you that each day you can start with a clean slate
  • Band-Aid: For when things get a little rough
  • Rubber Band: To remind you to be flexible
  • Tootsie Roll: To help you roll with the punches
  • Crayon: To hep you color your days bright and cheerful
  • Peanut: Don't forget to take time to be a little "nutty" sometimes
  • Hugs and Kisses: To remind you that I am always here and love you.
  • Mint: To remind you that you are worth a "mint"


  1. Add items to a ziploc bag and print out list with meanings to attach.