Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Sandies Pretzels are easy to make and perfect for the holidays.

Author Shelley@StockpilingMoms


  • 1 bag pretzels
  • 1 bag Kraft Caramels
  • 1 bag of candy making chocolate
  • 1 bag of Pecan Sandies Cookie Pieces


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Line a pan with aluminum foil and spray with baking spray
  3. Cut Kraft Caramels in fours
  4. Place candy making chocolate in microwavable safe bowl
  5. Place pretzels in single rows across the baking pan
  6. Place a piece of caramel on each pretzel
  7. Place pan with pretzels and caramel in oven
  8. Since every oven is different keep a close eye on the pretzels.
  9. While watching the oven melt your chocolate in the microwave. Do not over cook. Stir when soft.
  10. When the caramels are melted take them out immediately!
  11. Immediately spoon a big drop of chocolate on top of each caramel.
  12. Then sprinkle Pecan Cookie Pieces on top of each pretzel.
  13. You will need to let them set for about 30 minutes. If you want to fast set, stick them in the refrigerator.
  14. ***Do not be tempted to melt the caramels on broil!