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Can you freeze cottage cheese?

Can you freeze cottage cheese? Yes you can!  Click here to find out how!

Can you freeze cottage cheese? The answer is Yes and No. I know that sounds funny but YES you can freeze cottage cheese. Will it be as good as if it had never been frozen? NO! However, it really depends on how you plan to use it. I have frozen it to be used in lasagna or in other recipes with no problems.

Can you freeze cottage cheese?

By freezing cottage cheese you can extend the life by 4 to 6 months. Just write the date you put it into the freezer with a permanent marker so you know how long it has been there.

Cottage Cheese – You can freeze it directly in the original container or another air-tight container. It will affect the consistency due to the liquid content however if you are going to use it in baking it should be fine. I would not suggest it for eating in the original form as it will not have the desired consistency and I have found that Fat Free and Low Fat do not freeze well. I would suggest large curd – whole fat.

Ricotta – Would be similar to the above.  There is less moisture so it may freeze better.

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  1. Stephanie says

    I’ve seen this freezer on another blog. I would love to know where it comes from and what brand it is. I am shopping for one and this one looks wonderful.

  2. corrina says

    I have one almost like that one bought it a month ago. It just does not have the basket in the middle only the one of on the bottom. Not sure what brand it is(it is in my garage to cold to check) I bought it at a sears outlet for 600.00

  3. C-Lyn says

    I do have a stand up freezer and it is great, I do wish it was that clean and organized. Seems I have stuff crammed in and often do realize how long I have had items.

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