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Stockpiling 101 – Creating a Price Book

how to create a price book

We often get asked when is the right time to stockpile or stock up on products at the store? It is really hard to teach a person “when” because the answer is when the price is at rock bottom. Rock Bottom means 50-70% off or better. The best way to figure out Rock Bottom is to watch how the products cycle. Read this post to understand the sales cycle.

Another great way to figure out when to buy is by creating a price book. A price book is just a list of the products that you purchase on a regular basis and price that they cycle through. If you keep a price book you will KNOW when to buy because you will see how the prices cycle each week and when they are at a high and a low. You can keep one on excel easily or if you are like me you like to have it with you in the store. A great way is to keep it in a notebook that you carry with you when you shop.  You could carry it in your coupon binder or in your purse and then input the date into your excel spreadsheet once you are home.

Regardless if you are using coupons or not you can save money at the store by using a price book.  Enjoy this FREE Price Book Template in excel.


Ways To Save Money:

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