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Utilizing Coupon Clippers – 7 Days of Stockpiling

how to use coupon clippers

How to use Coupon Clippers:

We are often asked about which coupon clipper is best to order from and how we know what coupons to order. Honestly there is no exact science to it. After you have stockpiled for as long as we have we have a good idea of what products will go free or near free. We also know the HOT coupons that come out. When you are starting the best advice I could give you is to order coupons with high values ($1.00 or more off of 1 item) and if you have a store that doubles order coupons that double to $1.00 or better off of one item. I find these are the “best” coupons and often times will net free or rock bottom.  I also love Buy One Get One Free Coupons and Get This Free When You Buy That Coupons.

There is no science to it – it is truly a game of chance. You order based on the hope that the product will cycle to rock bottom while you have a coupon that matches. Most of the time I find it does, even if it is in the last couple days of the sale (like this week with the Kroger/Lysol matchup).

When it comes to which clipper to order from that really varies on your personal preference. I personally like to order clipped coupons versus whole inserts unless there is tons of high value coupons in the insert. I like to use clippers because it takes the time out of my process in terms of clipping/sorting and filing. Now, I simply order, check my mail and file. So for me it is a huge time saver. If you want the coupons in time to use during the week you order be sure to order from a clipper that lives near you and factor that in when selecting. We are affiliates with 7 coupon clippers. They are all legitimate and we have their location listed. I always order from a local clipper when possible if I want in on the sale that week. If it is coupon I am just strategically ordering then that doesn’t matter and I order from whichever clipper has it in stock and at the price that is best for me.

Ordering from clippers allows you purchase coupons with a different value from your local paper if you want as well. I personally made the switch to using coupon clippers 9 months ago and love it! I buy 1 paper and my Mom gives me her inserts and then I utilize coupon clippers for the rest of my coupons.

I hope this helps.  I personally love using coupon clippers.  Have you used them?  What are your thoughts?

Here is the 7 Days of Stockpiling:

Day 1 –Utilizing Coupon Clippers

Day 2 – Organizing Your Coupons

Day 3 – How Do I Build A Stockpile?

Day 4 – How To Be An Extreme Couponer

Day 5 – Overage

Day 6 – Utilizing the Freezer

Day 7 – Living in the “Land” of Doubles

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  1. lucy says

    i am beginning to see the pattern in the coupons etc. as i have been officially “stockpilling” since nov. or dec. of last year. i am also beginning to know the coupons that will be free or nearly free for the product. it just becomes second nature and you will catch on also. dont give up. it is so much fun to see what is going to be on sale when our stockpilling moms send out the information to us on their website on fri. or sat. and then i compare my coupons with the sales ..and possibly order coupons for multiple purchases… i have found that it is taken me longer than 3 months to get my stockpile to where i want it. i have a retired hubby home and maybe he eats more than the young couples who work all day and are not home much. hehe. anyway, it is a way of life for me now and i even see coupons in my sleep. hehe.

    • Katerina says

      how do you get all these free coupons, i know some can be found in papers, internet etc. but are their any good websites for couponing besides I want to begin couponing and save for my family and children but am still lost, can you help?

  2. says

    I’ve only been saving coupons for about 2 months now but I’m starting to get many coupons that, no matter how much it makes the product, I will never use. I can’t afford to order coupons but is there any way trading might soon be an option?

    I ask because I requested the Target coupons thinking I will make it to my hometown where there IS a Target before they expire but since couponing and deals are time sensitive I’m not sure it will work the way I hope. I’m too new at blogging to host a giveaway but I hate to end up throwing away long lasting, high value, coupons. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Carolyn says

      I have a lot of coupons that I don’t use, but I clip them anyway. P & G coupons……..there are just way too many of them for me to ever use, but I give them to my neighbors. My daughter and I trade back and forth and when I see the coupons are getting near the expiration date I give them to her and she takes them to work with her to the courthouse and those women go crazy.

      I started doing this because my son and his son moved back in. Our son actually made a living area in my candle shop (no longer do candles) and it is a neat little place, but the grandson (16yo, btw) stays here in the house with us. That child can eat a lot but it’s mostly junk. Then I have my daughters 2 here during the week while she works, ages 4 and 7.

      Hubby has a month or 2, maybe longer, that he doesn’t get his social security during the year because he works. The first year this happened it took him totally by surprise. This year it will only be 1 month without the check but I have more than enough here to take care of us during that time.

      Again, I don’t always use coupons for the bulk items I buy but I watch for Krogers 10 for 10 sale on items like pasta, mixes, such as that. I have always done that. Now I do have the coupons and am able to wait on their special sales. I am amazed at how much I have accumulated since I started.

      Hubby………..oh yes, he thought I was “stupid”(his favorite word) for doing this, but lemme tell ya, I go in to get icecream for the little ones and it’s all gone………wonder who did that!!!!!!!! Go into living room where he’s watching tv and there he sits with the entire container of ice cream…..which he does not need. He actually went with me a couple of weeks ago and was pouting a bit over what I purchased, but I heard him bragging to someone the other day about it, hehehe.

      It takes time and I have in no way perfected it,FAR from it, but I am beginning to run out of room in my freezer, my pantry, which is large, is bulging, so I am starting to put things in my laundry room. My son and grandson are moving out probably within the week, so I will send things with them to get them started. The only thing is, the grandson will be coming here in the morning as he will be staying in our school system so I will still need plenty of suff for him. And……… is something funny. Cereal, there was never enough cereal in this house, always runnin out, complaints galore. I have so much cereal here now and they aren’t eating it as much as they did before. Go figure.

    • Carolyn says

      Charity, a friend of mine in Oklahoma has a group that meets weekly. Different ones in the group go to different stores and find the unadvertised items, just check everything out. When they get together for that weekly meeting they trade coupons or even just give them away. I send mine to the courthouse as I said in my earlier post. And I’ve had a few expire on me lately so I won’t let that happen again.

  3. Maria says

    I love coupon clipper’s It has help me build a great stockpile in a month ,if I see a good deal I place an order for the things that I need , mostly free or very cheap.This way I only buy the things that we consume here. For example I don’t buy candy, my kids never liked it , or ice cream, I like baking my own sweets, breads. I make my own Pasta Sauce. I always have extra coupons. For example I printed a few of the Staples coupons and bought paper towels, Bounty Basics 6 pack, $4.99, with $3 dollar coupon, $1.99.

  4. Laura says

    Please help me get going!! My husband says I’m wasting money because I don’t compare the prices of other larger products of the same thing because I feel I’m getting cheated. How do I fix this problem? Also I can’t keep up with all the local ads from my town and know which is what to buy and where!!

  5. says

    I’m new this completely. Between last night and today I’ve clipped over 30 coupons and waiting for tomorrow’s paper! I feel like this can become obsessive.

    Glad to have found your site. I don’t know if I have what it takes though to be an extreme couponer. At the very least I would like to get good at saving a lot if even I don’t get things near free.

  6. Carolyn says

    I’m fairly new at this too, but I am stockpiling….and not necessarily with all coupons. Kroger had a mega sale that I took advantage of and plan on going there tomorrow. I have coupons to get $55 worth of grands biscuits and their other products. wth coupons that take it down to$35. We use a lot of these and I have frozen thm before so I will do that.

    Also have a ton of coupons for all variety of Campbells soups but I don’t really feel it’s cheap enough. Looked around for sales but there doesn’t seem to be any. Haven’t done the walk through at Kroger yet, so I will do that tomorrow, then run to Wally World and see how they compare. These coupons don’t expire until the 15th of Sept.

    Have coupons for all of their soups, Select Harvest, chunky and just plain ol soup, but can’t find them cheap enough.

    My daughter does a lot of shopping at CVS and does get things for nearly nothing, but she buys the smaller sizes in order to do that. I’m old school, grew up on a farm and when we did shop for things we got large amounts.

    I’m afraid that when I go into Krogers with all those pillsbury coupons that they will object, as they have been known to do that lately. There is one gentleman, the evening manager who is really nice, though.

  7. Laura says

    How do I become a coupon clipper? Theres some coupons I would keep for myself, however I get a lot of coupons that I will never use. I don’t know how you all do it but I’ve driven myself into debt doing this in a matter of 3-4months!! I guess I wasn’t following all the rules!!

  8. ERIN says


    • Latrice says

      You could get a post office box in Michigan to have a US address to send your coupons to. Also, you can use your Paypal account to pay for all your purchases.

  9. says


  10. says

    Hi, Melissa,

    As you can see I too have started a website on coupons, and I hope you will allow my link.
    Coupon clippers are really the way to go for anyone that wants to do this seriously. Its dirt cheap and a great service. Also I hope someone will contact Susan the last commenter. She is someone that needs and deserves help with this. I wish you the best Susan, you can do it.

  11. lisa says

    what is the best way to get the coupon mailers? Ordering the local paper? How do you get more that one coupon for the same item? ie if sobe water was 10 for 10, I would need 10 coupons…how do i get 10 coupons? How do you do it?

  12. crystal says

    I’m wondering the same thing me and my mother-in-law are trying to start couponing and we also don’t understand how you use more than one coupon in a purchase? Like if I have 20 coupons for shampoo and the coupon says ( limit one coupon per purchase ) do I have to do 20 checkouts ? Or can I buy them all in the same checkout asking as I have a coup9n for each one ? We need someone to walk us thru couponing we have books and have printouts but still need help can anyone help us?????????????? We live in greenville,m.s. any help is appreciated thanks

  13. Presley says

    When a coupon says “one per purchase” you can use more than one in a transaction. If it says “one per transaction” then you would have to break your purchases up into separate transactions. A purchase is simply buying an item, so they mean you can only get one dollar off of one water if the coupon were to be $1/1. A transaction is all of your purchases. I’m new too but I’ve used more than one coupon on in a transaction on separate items

  14. Angie Miller says

    Im also new to this, I have 3 children & a husband also. My son got very sick & we almost lost him, thankfully he’s still here with us, however, I lost my job so I could stay with him the 2 weeks in the hospital. Now, I think this could really help us a lot. My question is, how do I get the mailed coupons? The ones for $2 + $ off items? Whats websites can I go to, to get the better coupons & which stores do you believe have the best deals for the coupons? I did my 1st coupon shopping trip yesterday, I was there for about 2 hours but saved about $60, it was AMAZING! Im ready to put my all into this & be good at it!

  15. Wendy says

    Hey, I’m trying to get started with all this couponing stuff. We have a big family and lots of guests especially in the summer time. I’m having a lot of trouble putting all the pieces in the puzzle together and finding good coupons. Most websites make you jump through hoops and place a bunch of junk ads just to get you to one crappy coupon. I was hoping I could get an insight on where to find some good couopons..

  16. Lora says

    We’re an overseas military family. Our coupons are good 6 months past their expiration dates. Is there anywhere to purchase specific coupons that are expiring or expired since we can still use them? Or an organized place to request specific coupons? It seems weird but if they aren’t being given away it would still be worhtwhile for a good enough coupon. Some places organize donations of coupons to bases and families. But like Almond Milk – we use a ton of it because of a milk allergy, coupons don’t come in mass amounts for it and it’s pretty expensive.

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